The Panda book teaches clear rules for letter directionality, also helps your child understand how letters work within words and many other early skills. style=

As you are reading stories to your child, run your child's finger under the words on the page. Tell your child that the words always go in the same direction ➞ .

Show your child that when he comes to the end of the line of words, he moves his finger down to the start of the next line of words. Be clear that the words always move this direction ➞ .

Tell your child to look at the tiny space between the words. Each word is like a car, it must have its own space; otherwise words would run into each other. Help your child point to the 1st word in the line of print, read that one word, then stop. Then point to the next word; read it, then stop. Do this repeatedly. Find the word the, put your child's finger under the word the. You say the letters t h e, ask your child to say the letters t h e. As you read stories with your child's finger running under each of the words, stop at the word the and let him read it aloud. The first sight word is the, a very important word.

Learning to print the ABCs. This is hard work because your child's muscles must slowly learn to control these small movements. Buy several lined-paper pads for ABC practice at Office Max, Target, K-Mart, etc. Help your child have fun with this practice. Backward letters are not a problem except for b, d, g, p, and q - so help your child get b, d, g, p, and q letters correct. The Panda Book will make this very easy for you and your child. It teaches all the lessons you want to be sure your child gets correct from the start.

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