Teach my 1st Grade child to read

Teach my 1st Grade child to read.

1st Grade lays the foundation for all future reading progress, so you want to be clear. The ability to read is a huge set of habits you help your child memorize, then perform "instantly" as he or she moves down a line of print. Just like any other bad habit, a reading component learned in a fuzzy way will slow your child's progress.

The Giraffe book is set up to help your child get it correct from the start. Skills, sight words, and comprehension are practiced within short easy-to-read stories. Tricky letter teams, like th, ch, sh, wh, and ce, ci, ge, gi are in bold print in the words of the stories. For example, gi is a team that says j in giant, so the gi is in bold when the word giant is seen in the stories.

Feel invited to email me with questions as you take your child through the Giraffe book.

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I'm Mary Maisner, and I have experience teaching reading as both a teacher and a tutor. While completing my masters in teaching, I devised an incredibly effective method to help students learn how to read. I put together this site to share my teaching method with you. It's called the Zoom Reading Strategy.

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