Teach my 2nd Grade child to read

2nd Grade is the time for teaching long, short, and most other vowel patterns Leopard reading excercises

Note: A lot of children come to 2nd Grade still wobbly with 1st Grade lessons. This is not the fault of the child. 2nd Grade teachers do not know how to fix this trouble. I do. Please see the 2nd Grade Giraffe book in my Bookstore. The 2nd Grade Giraffe book, plus the Vowels long short book are what your child will need to be fully ready for 3rd Grade. Waiting is never your friend, when it comes to reading skills. Call me with questions, Mary 303-886-9980.

2nd Grade is the time for teaching long, short, and most other vowel patterns. It is also vital to be sure all letters and letter teams have become "instant" for your child. If your child was reading at grade-level during his or her 1st Grade year, the Long and Short Vowel book is what you need. It is full of skills pages woven through story-reading passages. Your child will love the stories and colorful pictures; you will love the many opportunities to extend your child's reading skills.

The Leopard book is pre-3rd grade. This is the perfect book for a child who did well in 1st Grade. It will be a challenge for your child, while it also gives you the chance to be sure all skills and sight words are ready for the big step up that 3rd Grade presents to every reader.

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I'm Mary Maisner, and I have experience teaching reading as both a teacher and a tutor. While completing my masters in teaching, I devised an incredibly effective method to help students learn how to read. I put together this site to share my teaching method with you. It's called the Zoom Reading Strategy.

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