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Leopard reading excercises
The Usual Suspects. style=

Please consider using the Leopard book for your child if he or she is a bit of a wobbly reader. The Leopard book will help your child become ready for the coming years. The years 4th grade and upward will be a rigorous challenge. You want your child strong enough to soar through the coming challenge, not be overwhelmed by it.

The Leopard book targets strong comprehension, sight words, and prints in bold all tricky letter teams like ce, ci, ge, gi, and gh. Please also look at the books: Adding ED and ING as well as Changing Y to I. These skills are taught separately because they are critical to upper grade performance. Including these skills within the Leopard does not allow for enough practice of these vital life tools.

If your child a steady grade-level reader he, or she, is ready to try the Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects will extend your child's comprehension power and targets the tricky word endings: ous, eous, ious; tion, cian,cean, etc; tious, cious; tient, cient, and so on. Please also consider the books: Adding ED and ING, and Changing Y to I. These critical functions require practice which is why they have their separate books. Being skillful with suffixes will pay lifelong rewards.

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