Please help my 8th, 9th, 10th Grade child read

The Gorilla reading exercises.

The gorilla is just for fun but the lessons in this book are serious, clear, and direct. Readers at this age have a ton of good skills - they just do not see how to put their skills into action on the page. The first lesson in the Gorilla book walks the student through an easy way to connect to comprehension. By using this method the student is usually surprised to see how easy it is to get all his, or her, other skills working properly. This is a great revelation; wonderful for the student as well as the instructor.

The gorilla book provides reading passages dealing with early scientific discoveries. These reading passages are woven between a quick review of the tricky, invisible components of English: ce, ci, cy, ge, gi, gy, silent and spoken gh, gn, ph, ous, eous, ious, tion, cian, cion, cean, sion, tian, sian, tious, cious, tience, cience, tient, cient, tiency, ciency. Your student will work hard but love the reading power this book will provide. Please consider the Prefix / Suffix book. Adjusting words is a lifelong need.

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I'm Mary Maisner, and I have experience teaching reading as both a teacher and a tutor. While completing my masters in teaching, I devised an incredibly effective method to help students learn how to read. I put together this site to share my teaching method with you. It's called the Zoom Reading Strategy.

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